There are many topics outside of astrophysics that spark my curiosity. This blog's purpose is to showcase my data science explorations into those topics and express my results in easy-to-digest, educational, articles. They all center around one common theme: how can I leverage massive amounts of data to answer an interesting question? New posts will arrive as subjects stimulate my interest. If a side-investigation turns into something worth posting, you'll find it here.

These articles will be very pedagogical, so my hope is that you'll learn a little about statistics, probability, inference, physics, and data analysis along the way.

In some articles, I produce novel results. Accordingly, here are some disclaimers with those results:

  • I run these posts by colleagues, but nothing is formally peer-reviewed.

  • Most all the code included in these investigations is free for you to use, or scrutinize, with attribution under the MIT license. But, check each GitHub page for the specific license listed.

So, let's jump into things.

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