Mirek Brandt, Ph.D.

Algorithm Developer for Electric Vehicle Charging Networks; Former National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow

About me

Hello! Professionally, I work on making electric vehicle charging networks more efficient. Prior to September 2022, I worked full time in astrophysics. Now it is a free-time hobby.

My Ph.D. research spanned data analysis for exoplanets and software engineering. I co-developed the software pipeline for high precision radial velocities with Las Cumbres Observatory's Network of Robotic Echelle Spectrographs. With NRES, we measure the velocities of stars through the doppler shift, with precision comparable to a brisk jog: 3 meters per second. My work is integral to the daily, automatic calibration of the instruments and the processing of hundreds of science observations each week. I also measureĀ  the motions of stars through the sky by combining data from the Hipparcos and Gaia missions. Relevant publications for both my research avenues can be found in my publications, either through NASA ADS, the ArXiv, or here. I develop software to accomplish most of my research. I have released python packages to analyze Gaia and Hipparcos data, and a software package to calibrate echelle spectrographs like NRES. My data science blog uses similar tools to address questions in different fields like sports science.

I dedicate most of my non-work time to writing fiction.